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Additional SD-WAN Configuration Option Further Simplifies Deployment

Here at Bigleaf Networks, we have a history of providing new functionality that simplifies the deployment and administration of network equipment. That is why I am very pleased to be able to announce further advancements for single-site and multi-site customers with DHCP capability on the Bigleaf router LAN ports. 

We understand, through feedback from multi-site customers, that having people make changes to a firewall or other network device is not always a good plan. With the addition of DHCP support on the LAN ports, we remove the deployment steps of changing the WAN port settings and manually assigning IP addresses. 

To get access to this feature, you will need to let us know whether DHCP is required on your provisioning documents. When we configure the router to use the DHCP setting, it will use the set of IPs that we have assigned to it. The router will then dynamically assign those IPs, once the attached device(s) are connected on the LAN ports. Simply take the router and follow our installation steps, but without the need to make any changes to your existing equipment. The Bigleaf services work the same way regardless of the static and DHCP LAN port settings and are fully operational after installation is complete.

We are continually evaluating ways that we can provide value and hope that this additional deployment option demonstrates our commitment.  

Getting Started:

Bigleaf customers can get full documentation of our features by contacting Bigleaf support at If you’re not a Bigleaf Customer yet and would like to learn more about how we can help ensure performant uptime across your organization, request a demo  today.