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See How Your Bigleaf Network is Performing with Updated Web Dashboard

We always strive to deliver on our core focus to make life easier and worry-free when it comes to your applications’ performance and continuity across the WAN. Each day our platform protects 1.2 billion priority packets and re-routes thousands of traffic sessions, all in the effort to preserve your critical applications’ performance. Our software makes these changes autonomously, without any user intervention. To date, the benefit of these changes hasn’t been obvious, however, that just changed. It brings me a great deal of pleasure to announce our new optimized site dashboard view. 

Traffic Optimization

Before I go on, let me ask each of you, how many times have you been asked to show what a service or product is doing for your organization? I am sure you’ve lost count. It’s nothing but expected that in our world we constantly evaluate whether we are getting the service that we expect or were promised. This continuous evaluation makes it critical that providers, like Bigleaf, provide customers with performance insights. As such, we have added the following to the Site Overview page in our web dashboard: Traffic Re-Routes, High-Priority Packets Protected, Identified Application Sessions, and Data Transferred.

What does this mean for you? It means you can now see how many times our software intelligently rerouted traffic between WAN circuits, to ensure we protected critical sessions. It means that now you are able to see how many of your high priority packets we protected from the effects of network congestion and overload. And lastly, it allows you see to see a summary of the traffic volume, by session and aggregate bandwidth, that has passed through our service. This makes it more clear as to the value you’re getting with our service and what it has been doing for your traffic (and end users) in the background.

Circuit Status

The other thing you will notice when logging on is that there are new indicators for your WAN circuits. Previously these indicators lived below the performance charts and required a bit of scrolling to see. To make it easier to read and to find, we moved the WAN circuit status to its own section, to make viewing of the circuit health fast and easy.

Each of these indicators can indicate one of four different statuses: 

  • Healthy – This will display when the circuit alarm level is equal to 0.
  • Issues — In the event that the alarm level is greater than 0 (but less than level 7), we will display this status.
  • Down – If the circuit is offline, it will be shown as down.
  • Unconfigured – Circuit is not configured and is un-used.

With these new informative views, you can more easily understand the current state of your connection to the WAN and easily understand how Bigleaf is serving your traffic. However, if you do need more detailed information on performance you can still find all this information on the Performance tab.

Getting Started

Bigleaf customers can get full documentation of our features by contacting Bigleaf support at If you’re not a Bigleaf Customer yet and would like to learn more about how we can help ensure performant uptime across your organization,  request a demo  today.