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Unveiling Our Enhanced Service Provider Program


We’ve worked with service providers since the very first days of Bigleaf. That said, our service provider program was structured with a very narrow focus aimed at a very specific type of service provider looking for a very specific solution. While we’ve had tremendous success with the service providers we’ve worked with, we realized there was a broader opportunity to expand the program and work with even more partners.

To do that meant broadening our horizons. Today, we’re launching a revamped service provider program with enhanced sales enablement, better training, and ongoing support to address continued demand we see for our intelligent SD-WAN platform.

I’m happy to say that John Hogan, Bigleaf’s original Vice President of Sales, will lead this effort. John has an incredible amount of experience and a skill set that not only understands what it takes to sell Bigleaf, but also what it takes to train others to sell Bigleaf. Partners can expect John to take a more proactive, hands-on approach than we’ve been able to give them in the past, and provide them with the level of attention and resources they expect from us. He’s a seasoned resource with a proven track record of success that will help our service provider partners grow their businesses. 

Equally important, we restructured our service provider program to make it more attractive to a broader group of partners. We took what we learned from our existing partner and service provider programs to create a program that is attractive to UCaaS, SaaS, and cloud providers, as well as broadband aggregators and people that have services that are an obvious complement to SD-WAN.

The SD-WAN market is growing at an aggressive rate. The demand we’re seeing for Bigleaf’s product is not just more enterprises trying to improve site to site connectivity — which was the original narrative of SD-WAN — but cloud dependent small and medium size businesses and mid-market organizations look to SD-WAN to provide that missing path between their users and cloud-based applications. Like the market, Bigleaf is expanding and maturing, too.

“Bigleaf not only challenges the way we think about SD-WAN deployment, but they also bring some impressive capabilities to the SOHO user without breaking the bank or over-complicating the deployment,” said Taylor Aponte Vice President of Marketing, Hypercore.

We believe we have strong product differentiation in the market. The first two partners we started working with under this new program were existing service providers with existing SD-WAN solutions. They came to us looking for something different.

We were not their first SD-WAN solution. These are experienced service providers that have a strong understanding of SD-WAN, a broad view of the solutions in the market, and they saw a Bigleaf sized hole in their product offering that they were looking to fulfill. Their knowledge of the market made it obvious where we were going to fit and why they will be successful with us.

The overarching goal of our service provider program is to make our partners successful. If they’re successful, we’ll be successful. Our own growth is a byproduct of the revenue growth our service provider partners generate.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bigleaf Service Provider Program, email us at