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See Bigleaf Home Office Prioritize Business App Traffic

When your cloud-based apps are dropping, stuttering, or working inconsistently, it’s likely because your network is experiencing jitter, latency, or packet loss. In a business office, you can rely on your network professional to fix these issues, often by applying Quality of Service (QoS) where application traffic is manually configured to be handled in a specified way. But in a home office, this is much more challenging as each employee’s home network has different setups, their equipment isn’t set up to allow for QoS configuration, and they are managed by much less technical staff members.  

Bigleaf Home Office takes away these issues by offering an easy way to deploy an SD-WAN solution. It provides Dynamic QoS that automates traffic prioritization across the existing residential broadband circuit and is easy to plug into the residential network.

In short, what this means is that Bigleaf Home Office helps business applications—like Zoom—run smoothly without problem or issue, even when home office workers are working in a household where a host of other streaming apps, like Netflix or YouTube, are running.

But how would you really know for sure that Bigleaf Home Office works? Well, we thought we’d show you.


In this quick video we recorded, you’ll see us simultaneously run a Zoom session, play a YouTube video, and stream live TV broadcast on DirecTV on our computer—to replicate the traffic a household can get while you’re working from home. Then, you’ll see us flood the rest of connection with traffic by running a speed test to show how Zoom keeps working great even when we’ve maxed out its throughput capacity.

What you will notice is that there are no issues with the Zoom call—that both the voice and video work smoothly even while the internet connection they were running through was being hammered with non-business related traffic.

In addition to the video, you can see in the associated Bigleaf traffic optimization dashboard, how the number of high priority packets protected increased during the streaming of the apps and the speed test—representing how Bigleaf Home Office prioritizes your business traffic and your key applications will work with the reliability and quality that you need them to have.

Watch the video to see for yourself how Bigleaf Home Office helps you stay productive and focused when you’re working from home.