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Welcoming Jonathan Petkevich to the Bigleaf Team

We’re thrilled to welcome Jonathan Petkevich to the Bigleaf team as our new Director of Product Management. With almost a decade of experience in the telecom and networking channels, Jonathan will be a valuable resource for our partners and customers.

Jonathan’s experience at SolarWinds, Ixia, and Net Optics is perfectly aligned with the vision we have for our platform. Over the course of his career, Jonathan has driven product strategies to make the network more visible and accessible to both network operators and those who don’t have an advanced degree in networking.

Jonathan will play an important role in translating our vision and turning it into new products and product features to help our customers and partners succeed. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Jonathan to the team. You can learn a little more about him in the Q&A below.

Q: You have almost a decade of experience in the telecom and networking industry, what have you taken away from that experience so far? 

A: I would say the major take away from me is that networking and systems technology moves at a truly frenetic pace and no one can afford to sit still. Customer environments are under a continuous shift and thusly the providers of the solutions they deploy must also shift. Being stagnant is a non-starter.  

Q: You have had experience in security, what made you interested in joining a company with a security-transparent SD-WAN solution? 

A:  It is funny you mention security because it is an area of focus that has been ever-present throughout my career. As someone who has led development of a product that controlled configurations, I understand the time and risk associated with firewall changes. The fact that the Bigleaf solution is designed to work transparently with a customer’s firewall sold me on the pure ingenuity of the solution.

Q: What interested you in Bigleaf Networks as a place to take your next career step?

A: I have longed to bring my years of experience back to a place similar to where I started my career. I selected Bigleaf based on that, a business that is not only growing but also has a product that serves a real need in the SD-WAN market. I am excited to come on board and be a part of this amazing team. 

Q: You have had plenty of experience as a Product Manager, what has been your takeaway from your career so far? 

A: This is a great question and for me, the biggest takeaway ties into what I have seen in my career and that is to be a perpetual student. There are always new technologies and new problems to solve, so as a PM you have to always be willing and open to learning.

Q: You have accepted a new role as Product Manager with Bigleaf Networks. What do you hope to accomplish with this role?  

A: As I come on board, I am hoping to bring my experience and leadership to the product team to ensure we continue to solve problems for our customers. I also want to open the door to our customers to freely talk products with me, I simply love engagement.

Q: What is one thing you would want people to know about you? 

A: I love products, there is nothing more fun than being able to work on bringing products to market. The whole process is exciting and my extroverted nature allows me to enjoy the constant interaction with all the involved parties.

Read more about our new Director of Product Management in our press release.