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Welcoming Susan Fierro to the Bigleaf Team

This week, we’re thrilled to welcome Susan Fierro to the Bigleaf team as our new VP of People. With over 10 years of human resources and people experience in the technology world, Susan will be a valuable resource for Bigleaf employees and continuing to create the culture we envision, as well as, a valuable resource for our community and making social impacts.

As Bigleaf continues to grow our team, Susan will help to ensure that we maintain Bigleaf’s values while providing the team with new resources for growth and enablement.  

In the hiring and onboarding process, Susan will enable new team members with the training and resources they need to excel in the role more quickly. Within the company, she will help to foster growth in line with our core values; heartfelt service, positive attitude, transparency, and focus. Most importantly, Susan will ensure that Bigleaf maintains the best parts of our employee experience as we scale the company.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Susan to the team. You can learn a little more about Susan in the Q&A below. 

Q: You have had over a decade of experience in the human resources realm, what have you taken away from that experience so far?  

A: As silly as it sounds, the biggest take away has been that I was born for this role. I quite literally fell into my first HR job but I don’t believe in accidents, everything happens for a reason. Additionally, in the last 10 years or so it has become apparent that what HR does for a company is so much more than just compliance and hiring, it is the heartbeat of an organization and often dictates the success of a company. It’s my honor to be a part of so many people’s lives, we spend so much of our lives working and the difference between true happiness and just getting by at work often falls into my realm. I love that I get to help make that time memorable for people.

Q: You have already had experience in working in a VP of People role in the tech industry, why have you chosen to stay in technology?  

A: Staying in technology was a must for me, the industry is always looking forward and innovating and I like to apply that same mentality to the HR/People arena. I am always looking for creative and exciting ways to engage and retain employees as well as being able to attract great candidates, which is slightly more challenging in this industry as well. I love a challenge!  

Q: What interested you in Bigleaf Networks as a place to take your next career step?  

A: So many things interested me in Bigleaf Networks: the genuine authenticity of the people, the product offering and the positioning of where Bigleaf is for growth felt like the perfect opportunity and timing. The chance to make my mark and create the people team from scratch, all on the foundation of such a great leadership team and group of people felt harmonious. 

Q: What interests you about working for a startup in a people-oriented role?  

A:  In my role and as a person, I seem to naturally act as a caretaker. I believe this lends itself well to the startup world as things are moving so quickly and things that impact people can go unnoticed because everyone is wearing so many hats. It’s truly a privilege to be able to be responsible for looking after our people. I thrive in a fast-paced environment and feel at my best when many plates are spinning 

Q: You have accepted a new role to Bigleaf as VP of People. What do you hope to accomplish with this role?   

A: I hope to scale the already incredible culture that exist at Bigleaf, to assist in growing the team (through attracting talent and investing in the growth and development of our current employee), to make every employee feel valued and invested in and most importantly I hope to create a sense of belonging and appreciation for each of our employees. 

Q: What is one thing you would want people to know about you?  

A: I am not shy… at all! A stranger is just a friend I’ve never met. 

Q: It sounds like you’re going to be a great asset to the company. How will you be engaging with people inside and outside the company? 

A: Engaging with people inside and outside the company is something I am especially looking forward to. I plan on meeting each employee one-on-one to get to know them personally, learn about their role and their aspirations. Engaging outside the company is also important, I look forward to engaging with the local community by giving back through community service, participating in local HR groups and hopefully getting to know some of our clients and hear why they love us so much too!