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Welcoming Andrew Bagnato to the Bigleaf Team

This week, we’re thrilled to welcome Andrew Bagnato to the Bigleaf team as our new Sr. Director of MSP Partner Programs. With nearly 20 years of experience in technology, most of which was spent at Webroot, Andrew will be a valuable resource for Bigleaf and our partners in the MSP community.

With Andrew on board, Bigleaf will be dramatically increasing our investment in the MSP channel. In this new role, Andrew will work hand-in-hand with leading MSP vendors and our MSP partners around the world to ensure that the investment is put to its best use—enabling and supporting our partners.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Andrew to the team. Any Bigleaf partners who would like to connect with Andrew can reach him through our sales email ( In the meantime, you can learn a little more about Andrew in the Q&A below.

Q: What is your background in working with MSPs? 

A: I’ve been working closely with MSPs since 2013. The industry then was well established but had not yet seen the growth and attention we see today. I made great partnerships and friendships within the community and really enjoyed building our businesses together from shared goals. It’s been amazing and rewarding to see the way this space continues to mature and evolve. 

Q: You have had two decades of experience in the tech industry, what have you taken away from that experience that will enable you to expand our MSP program?

A: I first got into this industry absolutely fascinated by the technology. Twenty years later, that hasn’t changed at all. Today I have a deep appreciation of the role good tech plays in a business and how it can perform for end users. Our MSP partners are doing this same thing. They work closely with their clients each day to understand the challenges and make end-user systems and resources more productive and enjoyable to use. I’m excited by the opportunity to see Bigleaf Network SD-WAN solutions provide exactly the right solution in even more MSP client environments.

Q: What interested you in Bigleaf Networks as a place to take your next career step?  

A: The most enjoyable period of my professional career has been working with MSPs building strong, mutual partnerships to deliver differentiated technology solutions. Bigleaf has fantastic technology and a passionate, determined team that are a perfect fit for MSPs. It’s an excellent opportunity to use what I’ve learned to help us forge partnerships. We’ve created powerful, unique solutions to help power some of the most critical aspects of our MSP partner’s solution delivery. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Q: You have had plenty of experience in Cloud solutions; how did this experience influence that decision to join Bigleaf or the SD-WAN community as a whole?  

A: I’ve seen how cloud-enabled solutions can bring about large gains in business efficiencies and user productivity. SD-WAN technology is in strong growth mode in general, and Bigleaf Networks cloud-first approach, in particular, is a vanguard. Our ability to take the power of cloud-first SD-WAN in form factor that is ideally suited for MSPs is a game-changer.

Q: You have accepted a new role as Senior Director, MSP Partner Programs with Bigleaf Networks. What do you hope to accomplish with this role?  

A: Our cloud-first SD-WAN approach positions us ahead of the market and our overall solution form factor is ideal for MSPs and their clients. From sales to support, the capabilities and spirit of our team understand MSPs’ unique requirements. Most importantly, we solve network challenges that have only become more acute in recent months. In short, Bigleaf Networks is well-positioned to make a very compelling expansion into this space.

Q: It sounds like you’re going to be an excellent asset to the MSP channel. How should folks get in touch with you?

A: Any way they prefer! For starters, they can contact me using my email address

Read more in our Press Release.